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Garcinia Cambogia Extract: Things to Consider

Garcinia cambogia is widely grown in various parts of the world, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia and few parts of Africa. It is known by many names, like Malabar tamarind, gambooge and red mango. For a considerable period of time, garcinia is used as a major dietary supplement to reduce weights. The garcinia extract is found in many pills and supplements and is widely popular nowadays.


Although you have heard about its myriad benefits, but you must be wondering how does garcinia cambogia work in real. The garcinia fruit extracts contain hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that is famous to reduce body fat and appetite. This ingredient prevents your body from producing fats by blocking an enzyme, known as citrate lyase. With the help of this enzyme, your body mainly produces fat and if this secretion is blocked, the body can’t produce fats. It also increases the levels of Serotonin that is secreted in your brain to reduce your appetite.

When it comes to garcinia cambogia side effects, you might experience dizziness, headache, dry mouth and diarrhea. Some of you may also develop serious liver problems due to prolonged use of this product. If you are suffering from any medical condition, you must use this product only after consulting your physician. Pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding must avoid these kinds of supplements.

However, does garcinia cambogia really work? This is a question that often worries people who take supplements. Some claim, garcinia works, whereas some says it does not work well. If you simply consume this pill and do not workout properly or do not maintain a proper diet, you won’t see the results. But if you combine everything properly and timely, then you will definitely see the results. Garcinia supplements are easily available online in various websites.

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