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Garcinia Cambogia, the New Dietary Supplement at Your Disposal

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Garcinia cambogia is also known as Malabar tamarind that is mainly grown in the South-east Asian countries, like India, Malaysia, and Indonesia and also in some parts of Africa. It is basically a tropical fruit, similar to pumpkin in shape and size. During late 1960s, scientists discovered the weight-reducing abilities of this fruit and from then, it is widely used to reduce weight in both men and women. But one often wonders how safe is garcinia cambogia and in order to know the truth, you need to read this blog.


Another question that a crop up in people’s mind is garcinia cambogia does it work. Actually some says it does and some says it does not. See, no dietary supplement will work properly if you do not pay enough to your food habits and lifestyle. Proper diet and 8 hours sleep is a requisite to experience few shedding of pounds. Generally, garcinia cambogia consists of an active ingredient hydroxycitric acid (HCA) that actually prevents your body from producing fat generating enzymes, citrate lyase. If this enzyme is produced in lesser quantities, fat generation inside the body will be less. In fact, it also boosts up another brain chemical serotonin that reduces appetite in human beings. This is the exact way in which garcinia cambogia weight loss supplement works.


Like any other dietary supplements, garcinia cambogia also has few mild side effects. Mainly problems in digestion have been reported in majority of cases, along with dizziness and headache. The right dosage is also important; normally if you are an adult you can take two capsules a day. The interval period between the dosages should be uniform and you must not mess with it. Moreover, if you are suffering from serious medical issues or under any kind of medication, you must consume garcinia after consulting the physician.



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